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Finguistics – Behind the Scenes Video!


While we were putting together Finguistics down at Microsoft in Reading, Nick Page was filming mini-interviews about the project, the process and Surface development in general; the result of which has just been released on YouTube.

The Video

The video has a definite “design” slant, so isn’t very technical, which is understandable given the nature of Surface development (designing the apps and the user interaction is FAR harder than actually coding them). Myself, Marc and the other techies do try to throw some technical jibber jabber in there to counter act all the design speak though, so it’s not all crayons and paintbrushes!

I’d like to also point out that I wasn’t told we were going to be filmed, so I didn’t get chance to do my hair OR my makeup, and I had been eating on expenses for 3 weeks at this point, and the camera adds a least half a stone.. and.. and.. 😉
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