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Hotwire – A Remote Control Quick Launch Utility for LogMeIn



Hotwire is a project I started some time ago but never completed. It was designed to be a “quick launch” utility for remote controlling machines using the excellent LogMeIn service. While the better half was “enjoying” the Boxing Day sales I took it upon myself to finish the project. And by finish, I obviously mean a complete rewrite 🙂

What does it do?

I’ve used LogMeIn for quite a while now, and it’s an excellent service, but 99% of the time I just want to get straight to the desktop of the machine I’m connecting to and Hotwire is designed to let me do just that.

The application itself is written using WPF and consists of two parts; the launcher, which sits in the task tray, and the main application. The launcher provides machine configuration and quick launch options for connecting to remote machines. The main application is just a single window (containing a WPF WebBrowser control) that connects to LogMeIn and does some jiggery pokery to get you directly to your machine desktop.

More Information

The project is up on Google Code at – I normally prefer to use CodePlex, but the Hotwire name was already taken 🙁 The Google code site contains a downloadable installer, and the source code should anyone be interested.




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