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Updated: Stack Overflow WordPress Widget


Just a quick post to say I’ve updated my Stack Overflow WordPress Widget to implement some basic caching. I’m still in the process of converting it to the new JSON service that SO have provided; but in the meantime this should cut down on the amount of traffic it uses.

You should be able to upgrade straight from the admin section of your blog; but you can also grab it from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

The cache time is configurable in the widget settings, and defaults to 30minutes. It attempts to locate your temp directory, then creates a unique filename cache in there; so there’s no need to chmod a cache file to get it to work.

I’ll hopefully get a JSON version working in the next few days, but if anyone has any problems feel free to give me a shout from the contact page.

Update: It seems the JSON version was easier than I thought 🙂 I’ve uploaded v2.0.0 that still includes the caching changes, but also uses the “official” JSON feed. If you have already used the cached version you might might need to delete the cache file to make it re-download the raw data.

The only “downside” to the JSON version is it requires json_decode, so you must have PHP 5.2.0 or above. If you can’t satisfy this requirement then you’ll be better off with the previous version.

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